Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs

Since November 2019, there is the Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs operating at the Mayor of Dzierżoniów, which is a voluntary advisory and opinion-making body consisting of entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations and institutions dealing with entrepreneurship and the labor market, and City Council Councilors.

The scope of the Council's activities includes, in particular, issues related to the economic development of the City, including:

  • Supporting the city's economic development policy,
  • Economic activation,
  • Reporting the needs and problems of local entrepreneurs,
  • Co-organizing events and activities aimed at the development of entrepreneurship.

Are you an entrepreneur from Dzierżoniów? Join the Council, you will have the opportunity to influence the development directions of our city!

In order to join the Council, you must submit a membership declaration, which is available at in the section ECONOMY - DZIERŻONIOW COUNCIL OF ENTREPRENEURS.
Detailed information can be obtained from Mrs. Joanna Walczybok, phone no. +48 74 645 08 68, e-mail: jwalczybokatum [dot] dzierzoniow [dot] pl

We cordially invite you to cooperation.

The Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs includes:

  •         Diana Kaczyńska - DiART owner (chairman of the council)
  •         Renata Szydłowska - Szubert -  HR Director of Cooper Standard Polska Sp. z o.o. (vice-president of the council)
  •         Maciej Karpowicz - representative of GE Aviation Dzierżoniów (vice-chairman of the board)
  •         Katarzyna Barska - the owner of MOVE AND MÓW Mobilne Centrum Językowe
  •         Dariusz Cykowski - owner of Tourist Services Mateo
  •         Adrianna Droszczak - the owner of the company "Build" Adrianna Droszczak
  •         Justyna Gądek - the owner of the Justyna Gądek company
  •         Martyna Kałuża - the owner of the Dietetyk Kliniczny Martyna Kałuża company
  •         Maciej Kiesewetter - councilor of the Dzierżoniów City Council
  •         Grażyna Kotasek - co-owner of Foto-Techni-Color S.C.
  •         Tomasz Krupski - co-owner of Aklima DKT Tomasz Krupski Sp. J.
  •         Beata Mikołajczyk - The owner of the company called Haberdashery Beata Mikołajczyk
  •         Tomasz Mitraszewski - President of the Management Board of Concept Sp. z o.o.
  •         Michał Mroszczak - the owner of the MR Group Michał Mroszczak
  •         Małgorzata Prewandowska - the owner of the company "Jaś i Małgosia" Małgorzata Prewandowska
  •         Izabela Sehn-Wójcik - the owner of the Decoro company
  •         Tadeusz Skrzypek - the owner of Pro-3R Tadeusz Skrzypek
  •         Rafał Walter - co-owner of Systemy Grzewcze AR
  •         Monika Zawilak - director of the District Employment Agency in Dzierżoniów
  •         Zbigniew Zeń - councilor of the Dzierżoniów City Council / Owner of the "Euro-Ekspres" Transport-Spedycja-Logistyka Zbigniew Zeń
  •         Aneta Ziemkiewicz - The owner of the company called Aneta Ziemkiewicz Trade Company


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