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Institutions supporting business

The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Ltd  was established in 1997. It currently brings together 174 municipalities, 245 investors and 65,000 employees. The tasks of the Company include, first of all, conducting activities promoting business activities in the zone as well as activities aimed at the development of the zone through property management, infrastructure development and comprehensive and professional service for investors. The managing company is authorized to conduct tenders and negotiations for the sale of land and the right to grant permits to conduct business activities in the zone.

The Wałbrzych zone covers 3502 ha of land in 51 locations and is the largest of the 14 special economic zones in Poland.


Wałbrzyska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna „INVEST-PARK” Ltd
st. Uczniowska 16,58-306 Wałbrzych
phone.: +48  74 664 91 64
e-mail: investatinvest-park [dot] com [dot] pl

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The company's activities are mainly focused on the modernization, construction and provision of modern production and warehouse halls as part of industrial parks. Currently, the Company manages industrial real estate located in the following towns: Dzierżoniów, Wałbrzych, Świdnica and Świebodzice. The company offers various forms of making production and warehouse space available, such as: rental, leasing (operating or financial) or sale.

All the land offered by the Company has full access to the technical infrastructure necessary for the operation of the industrial plant (electricity, gas, water, sewage). In order to meet the expectations of investors, the Company also accepts orders for the construction of halls as a substitute investor. With this solution, the facilities are designed and built in accordance with the parameters specified by the investor. The company also offers the construction of multi-family and single-family residential buildings as an incentive to invest and settle down.


st. Uczniowska 16
58-306 Wałbrzych
phone: (+48) 74 646 25 70
phone: (+48) 74 646 25 74

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Lower Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation Ltd is a company with 100% share of the Lower Silesian Self-Government, acting for and on behalf of the Self-Government. The aim of the Agency is to support entrepreneurship and stimulate innovation in the region, improve the competitiveness of enterprises from the SME sector and support their development, and shape the image of the region abroad. DAWG, as a company specializing in activities supporting the development of the region, provides services mainly in the following areas:

  • acquiring and servicing foreign and Polish investors

  • investment promotion of Lower Silesia

  • supporting and stimulating exports of Lower Silesian entrepreneurs

  • organization of economic missions

  • economic consultancy for the SME sector

  • support for innovative ventures, mainly start-ups

  • financial support for entrepreneurs from the SME sector

  • assistance in setting up and running a business activity (marketing, management, organization)

  • specialist consultancy for companies (investment, pro-innovation, pro-export, marketing strategies, business plans, applications for funding)

  • rental of office space, training and conference rooms, training courses, conferences, events

  • financing of business development

  • activities in the field of environmental protection


Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej 
al. Kasztanowa 3a-5, 53-125 Wrocław
sekretariat: pok. 304
phone: +48 71 736 63 01
e-mail: biuroatdawg [dot] pl

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Lower Silesian Employers - is an association of employers which was established in 1992 under the name of the Sudeten Employers' Union on the grounds of the Act on Employers' Organization and on the basis of the statute. In 2014, the union changed its name to Lower Silesian Employers. The Lower Silesian Employers - is one of the most numerous employer organizations in Lower Silesia, bringing together over 180 companies operating in the region. Membership in Lower Silesian Employers means comprehensive support and wide opportunities for business development.Lower Silesian Employers are a member of the Lewiatan Confederation, which is made up of industry and regional employers' unions, individual members, employers with a special economic position and importance in labor relations.


Dolnośląscy Pracodawcy
st. Szczawieńska 2
58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój
phone: +48 74 64 80 534
phone: +48 74 64 80 535
phone: 530 828 511, 537 991 888
E-mail: biuroatdp [dot] org [dot] pl

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The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the first point of contact for a Polish exporter and a foreign investor, where the entrepreneur will acquire the necessary knowledge to reduce business risk on a new market. The offices assist entrepreneurs at every stage of project implementation. They offer quick access to comprehensive information on the economic and legal environment of a business project. The Agency also helps in overcoming administrative procedures regarding specific projects, developing legal solutions, finding the right location, reliable partners and suppliers.


Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu 
st. Krucza 50
00-025 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 334 98 00
Infolinia: 800 800 120

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Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego "AGROREG" S. A. provides financial services (eg development and investment loans), information, training and investment support services.


ul. Kłodzka 27, 57-402 Nowa Ruda
phone: (74) 872 50 25
phone: (74) 872 70 45
fax: (74) 872 50 25
e-mail: arratagroreg [dot] com [dot] pl,

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