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The Lilac Avenue of Entrepreneurs - ceremonial opening!

On June 21, on the Entrepreneur's Day, the Lilac Avenue of Entrepreneurs was opened!

The mayor of Dzierżoniów together with the Chairwoman of the Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs and the President of the Society of Dzierżoniów's Enthusiasts officially opened the Avenue of Entrepreneurs. It is located in the Siberian Park. Lilac Avenue was planted in April by Dzierżoniów entrepreneurs who funded 100 lilac seedlings in various shades and colors.
It is no coincidence that the opening of the Avenue took place on the Entrepreneur's Day - it is a good moment to celebrate and appreciate the contribution of Dzierżoniów entrepreneurs to the development of our city. We celebrated this day in the beautiful garden of the City Museum. The meeting was made more pleasant by a musical performance by students of the 1st Secondary School in Dzierżoniów.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the purchase and planting of lilacs. Our thanks go also to the co-organizers of yesterday's event.

Sponsors of the Lilakowa Aleja Przedsiębiorców:

  •     DiART Diana Kaczyńska
  •     Cooper Standard Polska Sp. z o.o.
  •     Fulltech Grzegorz Szubert
  •     GE Aviation Dzierżoniów
  •     "Build" Adrianna Droszczak
  •     "Hansel and Gretel" Małgorzata Prewandowska
  •     Foto-Techni-Color S.C.
  •     Haberdashery Beata Mikołajczyk
  •     Sophisticated Tastes Aneta Ziemkiewicz
  •     District Employment Agency in Dzierżoniów
  •     Social Security
  •     MOVE AND SPEAK Katarzyna Barska
  •     Mateo Tourist Services
  •     Clinical Dietitian Martyna Kałuża
  •     Restaurant Uzwar Katarzyna Kinzhybalo
  •     El Kawa Coffee Roaster
  •     Fitness Club Beautiful and Healthy
  •     Maciej Kiesewetter - councilor of the Dzierżoniów City Council
  •     Employees of the City Hall in Dzierżoniów





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