Dzierżoniów is situated in the tectonic foreland of the Sudetes, in the immediate vicinity of the Sowie Mountains, which favors mountain tourism (hiking and cycling) as well as winter sports - cross-country and downhill skiing.

The Sowie Mountains are also one of the most mysterious mountain ranges in Poland. One of the attractions of the Sowie Mountains are mysterious buildings, corridors and tunnels, the so-called "Project Riese" left underground by the Nazis (Walim Grooves, Osówka Complex or Włodarz). 
Their purpose is not fully known to this day.

There is a large number of historic buildings in the city, which can be explored on the Dzierżoniów Dragon Trail. It is an urban tourist and walking route covering the most interesting monuments and tourist facilities of Dzierżoniów, including: the Town Hall and the observation tower, the Kellner House in the Market Square, the Sadebeck Chapel and the Cloth Hall, the Church of St. George, Hilbert's Mill, Executioner's House, Synagogue, Defensive Walls, Water Tower, "Zbyszek" Cinema, Dzierżoniów Town Museum.

The tourist route called the DIORA ROUTE has also been created in the town, which is also an educational path showing the heritage of Diora Plant. The brass radios (1: 1 scale) located in the old town center of Dzierżoniów “tell” about the history of the radio industry and its influence on the city's development.

Every year the city organizes:

  • Over 50 leisure and sports events (football, handball, tennis, BMX, cycling criterion, professional boxing gala, balloon festival, running, jujitsu, swimming competitions, festivals),
  • 35 performances,
  • 30 concerts,
  • 11 periodical events (including Poetry on the City Walls, Honey Harvest, City Days, Santa Claus in the Market Square),
  • 300 cinema screenings.


Sports facilities:

  • Multifunctional pitches: training ground on a natural surface, OSIR hall, football pitch, 8 multifunctional pitches, volleyball court.
  • Sports halls: taekwondo, karate kyokushin, wrestling, Brazilian JU JITSU, MMA, Sumo, Boxing Gym.
  • Swimming pools: indoor and outdoor, 
  • Tennis courts: 7 outdoor courts, 2 professional courts, table tennis exercise room, 
  • Gyms, 
  • Climbing wall, 
  • BMX track.

Places of recreation: 

  • Fairytale Stars Avenue (playgrounds, water playground, traffic town, trampolines, zip lines),
  • playgrounds,
  • outdoor gyms, 
  • bicycle paths.

Cultural facilities:

  • Cinema, 
  • City Museum of Dzierżoniów, 
  • Libraries.


There are 4 hotels in the commune area, which offer in total 146 beds.

  • VERSANT DOM SPA - hotel **** (20 beds)
  • DELTA IN - hotel *** (53 beds)
  • VILLA BERGERA - hotel ** (13 beds)
  • OSiR - hotel * (60 beds)


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