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Our photovoltaics in Top Municipal Investments 2023

Photovoltaic installations on public utility facilities in our county were among the winners of the competition organized by portalsamorzadowy.pl. It distinguishes those municipal investments that are large-scale, pro-development, set trends and create environmental leaders.

Among the nominees for the competition there were road, communication and pro-ecological projects, expanding the sports and housing base or improving the living comfort of residents. The evaluation criteria on the basis of which the winning ten were selected were: the scale of investments and their functionality, innovation, cooperation with the local community at the design stage, efficiency of financial assembly and active asset management.

The ten winners of the plebiscite were selected by the editors of the portalsamorządowy.pl website and the Consultative Council, consisting of experienced local government officials, economists, managers and experts. The awards were presented during the 15th European Economic Congress, which is the largest business event in Central Europe.

The investment with a total value of PLN 13 million was implemented by Energia Komunalna, owned by six communes in our poviat. These are the real effects of the functioning of the Dzierżoniów Cluster of Energy and the company owned by six communes in our county.

This project will bring significant savings.

The total power of the installation is 2.96 MW. Energy production will amount to 2.93 GWh per year, which will reduce CO2 emissions by over 2,200 tons per year.

Annual savings in electricity costs will amount to over PLN 1 million. This gives a simple payback period of just over 2 years. The project is one of the few examples where a municipal investment carried out by local governments (through their commercial law company) generates real revenues in the form of electricity produced for own needs - says Tomasz Smolarz, CEO of Energii Komunalna.

How much did local governments allocate for the implementation of investments from their own budgets?

  •         Dzierżoniow – 824,000 PLN
  •         Bielawa – 600,000 PLN
  •         Pieszyce – 445,000 zloty
  •         Dzierżoniów commune – 272,000 PLN
  •         Łagiewniki – 220,000 PLN
  •         Piława Górna – 168,000 PLN

The investment cost PLN 13 million, most of this amount comes from external funds.

Titles went to:

  •     Photovoltaic installations on public facilities in the communes of the Dzierżoniów poviat - as a result of this investment, the total power of the installation will be 2.96 MW.;
  •         Mother and Child Health Center at the University Hospital Karol Marcinkowski in Zielona Góra (PLN 112 million);
  •         “Nowa Huta Przyszłości” Economic Activity Zone (PLN 92 million);
  •         Planetarium - Silesian Science Park in Chorzów (PLN 151 million);
  •         Reconstruction of infrastructure on the waterways of the Great Masurian Lakes (PLN 430 million);
  •         Bridge in Milsko (PLN 83 million);
  •         ArcelorMittal Park in Sosnowiec (PLN 244 million);
  •         Low-emission public transport in Lublin (PLN 193 million);
  •         Educational team on the estate Drabinianka in Rzeszów (PLN 40 million);
  •         Revitalization of the Historic Ignacy Mine in Rybnik (PLN 25 million).

Where were the installations installed in Dzierżoniów?

  •         Municipal Nursery No. 1
  •         Public Kindergarten No. 2
  •         Public Kindergarten No. 3
  •         Primary School No. 1
  •         Primary School No. 3
  •         Primary School No. 5
  •         Primary School No. 9
  •         Branch of the Library in SP1
  •         Town hall
  •         Dzierżoniów Cultural Centre
  •         Zbyszek Cinema Theatre
  •         social welfare Center
  •         Center of sport and recreation
  •         Indoor swimming pool
  •         Stadium at ul. Wroclaw
  •         Community Self-Help House

Photovoltaic installations on public facilities


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