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The new Invest-Park Development hall in the Dzierżoniów Industrial Park

The company in which the city has shares built another production and warehouse hall. The facility intended for rent consists of four independent modules. One of them already has a tenant.

The building has a total of over 5.5 thousand m2 of usable area, including 5 thousand. m2 of halls and 500 m2 of social and office space. There are 80 parking spaces next to the building.

This is another very important investment for us. Every company operating in Dzierżoniów has an impact on the city itself and its development. This is the third facility of this type in the economic part of the city, where the Dzierżoniów subzone is located - says Dariusz Kucharski, mayor of Dzierżoniów.

Invest-Park Development is a business environment institution belonging to the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Capital Group. The company is responsible for creating favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and acquiring new investments for the region.

He has many years of experience in the construction services industry, including conducting and supervising investment and construction processes with a total area of ​​over 70,000 m² of warehouse and industrial halls along with the necessary technical infrastructure and development of external areas, including: for entities operating in the automotive and logistics industries.

Entrepreneurs interested in renting the hall should contact Invest Park Development Sp. z o. o.: tel. 74 646 25 70, 74 646 25 76, email: ipdatipdevelopment [dot] pl

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