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Investment area for sale at st. Ciepłownicza in Dzierżoniów

The Management Board of Dzierżoniów County informs about the upcoming second oral open tender for the sale of an undeveloped land surveying plot marked as plot no. 157, no. 158, no. 159 Western District in Dzierżoniów with a total area of ​​2.4360 ha.

Property description

Undeveloped land property with total area of ​​2.4360 ha is located in the western part of the city at Ciepłownicza Street in Dzierżoniów. It consists of three plots marked: No. 157 with an area of 1,3911 ha, no. 158 with an area of 0.0784 ha, no. 159 with an area of 0.9665 ha, precinct West in Dzierżoniów, for which the District Court in Dzierżoniów, VI Division of the Land and Mortgage Register keeps the book No. SW1D / 00008213/4. The area of ​​the property is undeveloped, unfenced, overgrown with self-seeding trees and shrubs. Plots no. 157 and no. 159 in the shape of regular rectangles separated by plot no. 158 along their length. On some of the property there is a water, sewage, storm, power and gas installation, which makes it difficult to develop. Access to the property is via an asphalt road at ul. Pieszycka, then along ul. District heating. Ultimately, it is planned to establish a transmission easement on plot no. 157 related to the arrangement and subsequent maintenance of the water supply network.

In accordance with Resolution No. XXXVIII / 263/17 of the Dzierżoniów City Council of 23 October 2017. on the adoption of the local spatial development plan for the area located at Zachodnia, Pieszycka and Ciepłownicza streets in Dzierżoniów, the real estate is located in the area marked with the symbol AG.3 Production and storage, services, arranged greenery, communication.

Value of the property

The starting price of the real estate is PLN 1,800,000 (net). The buyer will be added 23% VAT to the auctioned price. A tender bond in the amount of PLN 100,000 - payable by September 30, 2022.

More information about the tender on the website of the County Office in Dzierżoniów or in the Department of Geodesy, Cadastre and Real Estate of the County Office in Dzierżoniów, st. Świdnicka 38, room 12, phone: 74 832 36 65.

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