Extension of safety rules until April 25 with exceptions

The government decided to extend the restriction for one week, until April 25. However, there are exceptions and they apply to kindergartens and nurseries. Children will be able to return to the institutions from April 19. It will also be possible to practice outdoor sports. Hotels and accommodation facilities will remain closed until May 3.

  •      Hotels and accommodation facilities remain closed until May 3 inclusive. The exceptions are, among others workers' hotels, as well as accommodation provided as part of some business trips - e.g. medics, drivers performing road transport or soldiers. The exact catalog of exceptions along with the required confirmation of a business trip will be included in the regulation.
  •      Nurseries and kindergartens - open from April 19 for all children.
  •      Sport - from April 19, it will be possible for children and youth to participate in sports competitions conducted by the relevant Polish sports association. It will also be possible to play sports in outdoor sports facilities - with a limit of up to 25 people (both children and adolescents, and adults). On the other hand, the activities of other sports facilities (halls, indoor sports fields, etc.) are still limited to professional sports only (as before). All events can take place without the participation of the public. Closed are, among others gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools, saunas and solariums.

Other safety rules - unchanged

The existing restrictions remain extended until Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Trade - restrictions

Large-format furniture and construction stores with an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 will remain closed.
Shopping centers and galleries - as they are today - remain closed, with the exception of: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, press salons, bookstores.

There are person limits in commercial establishments at the market or post office:

  •         1 person per 15 m2 - in shops up to 100 m2,
  •         1 person per 20 m2 - in shops over 100 m2.

Religious worship

There is a limit of people in places of religious worship - there must be 20 m2 per 1 person. The obligation to cover the mouth and nose and keep 1.5 m away from other people remains unchanged.

Hairdressing and beauty salons

They stay closed.


Students of all grades of primary schools, secondary schools, students of continuing education institutions and vocational training centers learn remotely.


Theaters, cinemas, museums and art galleries are still closed.

More information on the Website of the Republic of Poland

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