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Economic investments in the Dzierżoniów subzone

Invest-Park Development will build another modular production hall in Dzierżoniów with ready-made office facilities. It is a response to the market need and a solution already proven in our city.

Three such halls are already operating. Two were built by Invest-Park Development, one was established by the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. All of them are developed and bought over time by tenants.

The company's latest investment, in which Dzierżoniów has shares, is PLN 4,800 square meters of a production hall, divided into four independent modules, and 700 square meters of office space. For entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to develop their business without the need to build their own facility, and for the city, benefits in the form of new jobs and income from taxes - says Dariusz Kucharski, the mayor of Dzierżoniów.

Today, there are over 4,300 business entities in Dzierżoniów, of which 2,600 are  are natural persons.

Entrepreneurs interested in the possibility of renting the hall, please contact at phone: 535 050 858

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