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Dzierżoniów awarded with the title of the Best Business-Friendly Local-Government!

We are honored to announce that we have become the Best Business-Friendly Local Government! Dzierżoniów won the first place in the 8th edition of the Business Stars economic poll organized by the Fudnusz Regionu Wałbrzyskiego.

"Business Star" is a distinction for enterprises, local governments, local government units, Business Environment Institutions and other business-related institutions that make a significant contribution to the development of the Lower Silesian economy and support entrepreneurship.

The award in the Business-Friendly Local Government category is open to local governments that pursue goals related to supporting entrepreneurs, eliminating barriers to running a business, and setting up institutions and organizing events to promote entrepreneurship. The award is conducive to the promotion, presentation and dissemination of activities leading to the achievement of economic successes.

The award was presented during the Friday Gala at the Science and Art Center in the Old Mine in Wałbrzych. We would like to thank the Competition Jury for appreciating our contribution. Congratulations to the other winners in the Business Friendly Local Government category:

  •      The city of Legnica - 2nd place
  •      Długołęka Commune - 3rd place
  •      Żórawina Commune - 3rd place

The awards were presented by:
Sylwia Bielawska - Vice Mayor of Wałbrzych
Beata Moskal-Słaniewska Mayor of Świdnica

At the same time, we would like to express our best wishes to the entire team of the Fundusz Regionu Wałbrzyskiego on the occasion of the beautiful 30th anniversary of its existence!

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