The Company of Tomorrow Program - sign up and expand your company!

Companies of Tomorrow is a new, free educational and development program of Google and the Polish Development Fund Group in a strategic partnership with the National Cloud Operator. The program is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to start earning money online, reach customers who have moved to the digital world, and implement cloud solutions that can help increase their innovation and reduce operating costs.

Internet activity has become an opportunity for companies to survive the crisis, maintain jobs and develop their business. Apply to the Companies of Tomorrow program and learn how to efficiently sell your products and services on the Internet using easy and free tools.

What do you need to know?
Thanks to participation in the program of the Company of Tomorrow:

  •         you will verify your business model,
  •         you will learn how to effectively sell your products and services on the Internet and how to advertise them,
  •         you will learn about the advantages of cloud computing and decide if you want to implement it in your company,
  •         you will work with an individual advisor who will choose a training path for your company and, after completing the courses, will support you in implementing changes,
  •         you will learn about a number of digital tools that will facilitate your company's transition to the internet.

The program of the Company of Tomorrow is aimed at:

  •         micro and small companies that just want to start selling online,
  •         for medium, traditional companies that need tailor-made solutions,
  •         micro and small companies that already sell online and want to further develop this channel.

A specific, free offer for entrepreneurs in 3 steps:

Step 1: Preparation of an individual development plan: An individual 90-minute 1: 1 meeting with a consultant to develop an online development plan, tailored to the needs and business goals of your company.

Step 2: Knowledge and training package:

  •         + 50h of practical online courses from Google in Internet Marketing, Web Analytics and UX to help you start selling on the Internet,
  •         Lean Canvas course and business e-books supporting the quick adaptation of your company's business model, from the Polish Development Fund,
  •         An introductory course on cloud solutions for SMEs from National Cloud to help you assess whether cloud solutions can help increase your company's innovation and reduce your operating costs.

Step 3: Three-month support of the advisor in the implementation of planned changes (weekly hourly duties, homework to be done with the help of the advisor, remote contact with the advisor). Additionally, participants will receive information about the support offer of the PFR group.

All training is conducted online.
What requirements do you have to meet?

It is enough that you have a registered company and it is a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise.

Participation in the program is free.
How to use the product?

Go to the website of and sign up for the program.

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