Are you an entrepreneur or are you just planning to start your own business? Create an account on and take advantage of the facilities in setting up and running a business. Start with! and are information and service websites for entrepreneurs, connected by a group of recipients and the type of services provided, but so far they have functioned separately. The address has long been the only place for dealing with matters online in the CEIDG register of entrepreneurs. On the other hand, has for years been offering business a wide range of public administration e-services, as well as a comprehensive information base on the rights and obligations when running a business. The project involves combining both websites for entrepreneurs into one, at This is to facilitate access to all information and e-services without the need to register on several portals.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

  • one-stop access to the complete set of necessary information and services,
  • one user account, i.e. "Entrepreneur's Account", instead of the previous two, i.e. one place to check notifications, status and history of official matters carried out by him, also     matters handled in the CEIDG register,
  • possibility of multiple use of data once entered, thanks to which the implementation of various public e-services is faster and simpler,
  • high quality of CEIDG e-services, based on usability, intuitiveness, contextual help, simple language and the latest solutions in the field of accessibility - including for users of mobile devices.

What gives an account on

An entrepreneur's account at saves time and makes it easier to deal with matters online.

The account enables efficient management of the conducted cases. It also enables communication with offices, including receiving information about the completion of the case and possible notifications about errors in applications. A registered user does not have to enter his data each time to the applications he wants to send. After logging in, the fields with the data saved in the system are filled in automatically.

In addition, since the entrepreneur's account has been linked with the data from CEIDG, the entrepreneur will check his data in the register, the history of entry in the CEIDG and the status of submitted applications. The user may download from his account a certificate of entry to CEIDG and previously submitted applications. What's more, the user can handle all matters in the CEIDG register directly from his account.


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