Beewatec Sp. z o.o. already has its own hall in Dzierżoniów! | Invest Dzierżoniów

Beewatec Sp. z o.o. already has its own hall in Dzierżoniów!

Today, the plant located in the Dzierżoniów subzone was officially opened. The company started operating in our city in 2016 by renting a room at ul. Podwalna in Dzierżoniów, the next step was to rent the hall belonging to WSSE Invest Park, after some time a decision was made to build its own seat.

Beewatec Sp. z o.o with headquarters in Dzierżoniów is the exclusive partner of GS-ACE in Poland in the field of modular piping systems.

"Since 2016, we have been delivering ready-made structures or assembly materials for such industries as household appliances, automotive, aviation, energy, electronics. Our company produces workstations, storage and flow racks as well as transport carts. This allows our clients to improve the ergonomics and efficiency of their processes. We develop and manufacture individually tailored structures based on modular piping systems for each type of business "- says Tomasz Słobodziński, director of the Dzierżoniów plant.

The company's headquarters are located in Germany, and Beewatec also has its plants in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania. The production hall built in Dzierżoniów is the company's latest investment.

"The new facility has 3027 m2 of usable space, at the moment we employ 32 people. Importantly, we have our own design office, where our constructors, based on their experience and" Lean "principles, create construction solutions that meet even the most exorbitant expectations" - explains Tomasz Słobodziński .

Another investor will soon appear in the place where Beewatec had been operating until recently.


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