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Academy of Innovation Manager - recruitment for the 4th edition of AMI is ongoing

Registration for participation in the Innovation Manager Academy has started! The science of modern supplement and supplement supplements introduces new innovations, and new regulations introduce new regulations. To prepare everything for the company under the Academy of Men of Scientific Innovation by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). Registration for the program will last until September 9 this year.

According to the Monitoring of Innovation of Enterprises, it is PARP that recruiting employees at work is an obstacle to innovative activity - in 2022 we carry 65% ​​of innovative companies to it. More than the second company is of the opinion that there is no complement to the novelty. Moreover, learning with new employees and with the idea that most closely resembles the valence of the company's employees in the Human Capital Research Study. the greatest lack of competences is the Innovation Manager Academy - a training and consulting project of PARP.

From July 25 to September 9 this year  companies can join the fourth edition of the program. Anyone can participate in AMI, due to their size and size, with the amount of development support for up to 80 percent.

The goal of the program is to equip and staff - tools for innovation management tools in enterprises - in the supplies necessary for management management. Thanks to the management function of enterprises managed by managers of Polish enterprises.

The Innovation Manager Academy is a proprietary program of PARP, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs open to implementing changes in their companies and innovation management. The program consists of parallel parts - training and consulting. AMI lecturers, methodologists, workshops and advisors are recognized experts, practitioners, leaders and mentors in the field of innovation implementation and management.
The three editions of the AMI program so far have been attended by 261 people from 80 micro, small, medium and large enterprises. The successes achieved by these companies have shown the importance of competences related to shaping the culture of innovation and managing the entire innovation cycle in a given enterprise. We know that the participants of the Innovation Manager Academy appreciate not only the form and quality of the transferred knowledge, but also the adaptation of the program to the individual needs of each of them. The result of the Academy are specific implementation projects, increasing the competitiveness of companies from all industries and enabling their further development - says Dariusz Budrowski, President of PARP.

What can be gained by participating in the Innovation Manager Academy:

  •     a comprehensive program of lectures and workshops as well as cooperation with a selected advisor,
  •     case studies analyzed on the basis of the experiences of Polish and foreign companies,
  •     up to 120 hours of consulting for small, medium and large enterprises and a choice of 120 or 50 hours of consulting for micro-enterprises,
  •     increase in competences and professional qualifications in the field of innovation,
  •     research on the company's innovation using the Innovation Health Check (IHC) method,
  •     access to the interactive AMI Knowledge Base,
  •     Certificate of the Innovation Manager Academy, confirming the completion of the program,
  •     belonging to the AMI Alumni Club, which allows to maintain and develop contacts important for the company's development.

Participation in the program is co-financed from EU funds and amounts to 80%. for micro, small and medium-sized companies and up to 50 percent. for the big ones. The Academy assumes the participation of 2 to 4 employees from one company. In the case of microenterprises, at least two participants, and in the case of small, medium and large enterprises, at least three employees. Breakthrough ideas, inventions, funds and a team of engineers are necessary to create and develop innovations. However, a good manager is necessary to put the innovation processes in motion, to give them the right pace and direction. It plays a key role in increasing the innovativeness of companies. There is a strong relationship between a well-managed innovation process and the company's market success. Improving innovation management skills, thanks to participation in AMI, will contribute to the development of innovative companies in Poland, which is why I strongly encourage you to take part in the fourth edition of the Academy - summarizes Dariusz Budrowski.
The AMI program is co-financed by European funds from the Knowledge Education Development Program (POWER).

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