"INVEST in EDU" Educational Cluster

Since 2015, the Municipality of Dzierżoniów has been actively cooperating as a Partner with the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" as part of the "INVEST in EDU" Educational Cluster.

The aim of the Cluster is to combine economic, educational and scientific potential, adapting education to the needs of the economy and the local labor market.
The cluster also puts emphasis on increasing the innovativeness of enterprises by establishing cooperation with science and business, as well as by transferring knowledge and human capital between these areas.

The activities of the Cluster serve to increase the knowledge and competences of future employees of companies in the zone and to promote vocational and technical education among students of primary and secondary schools, as well as their parents and guardians.
Currently, the Educational Cluster "INVEST in EDU" associates over 120 entities, including entrepreneurs, primary, secondary, industry and technical schools, as well as universities, supporting and business-related institutions.

How to join the Cluster?
To join the "INVEST in EDU" Cluster, you must read the applicable regulations and complete the Partnership Declaration. The entity obtains the status of a Partner after submitting the Partnership Declaration and its acceptance by the Leader.

We invite entrepreneurs operating in the Dzierżoniów zone, primary and secondary schools and other entities responsible for education or related to education to cooperate with us.


Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "Invest-Park" Ltd., Uczniowska street 16, 58-306 Wałbrzych
investineduatinvest-park [dot] com [dot] pl

People coordinating the activities of the Cluster:
Anna Kaczmarczyk: a [dot] kaczmarczykatinvest-park [dot] com [dot] pl
Jacek Serdeczny: j [dot] serdecznyatinvest-park [dot] com [dot] pl
Benedykt Chlastawa: b [dot] chlastawaatinvest-park [dot] com [dot] pl

More information on the website of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park Ltd.