The most important information

Mayor of Dzierżoniów Dariusz Kucharski

Dzierżoniów is a medium-sized town, picturesquely situated at the foot of the Sowie Mountains, in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. Currently, they are inhabited by almost  29 thousand  residents. Dzierżoniów is the seat of the Dzierżoniów poviat, the city of Dzierżoniów and the rural commune of Dzierżoniów.

The most important statistical data:

  • Town: Dzierżoniów,
  • Area: 20.07 km2, 
  • Population: 28,706 people,
  • Working age population: 15,270 people.

The city is located on the route of important roads connecting Dzierżoniów with Wrocław, Świdnica, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Kłodzko and Nowa Ruda, in the area of ​​influence of two functional areas of the Wałbrzych Agglomeration and the Wrocław Metropolitan Area.

In economic terms, Dzierżoniów, like the entire region, has been associated with the textile industry for hundreds of years. In the twentieth century, the electronics industry also played a very important role here - the radio plant "Diora" is still associated with our city.

Currently, there are entities operating in the city, producing innovative products on a global scale for the world's best companies, such as: BMW, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Opel, Daimler Benz-Mercedes, Nokia, Motorolla, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Bosch, Philips, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Lockheed Martin Corporation. Companies from the automotive and electromobility, chemical, aviation, electrical, electronics, electrotechnical and electromechanical industries have found their location here.

In 2019, the Central Research Laboratory of SELENA Labs was established in Dzierżoniów, thanks to which our city again, as in the times of Diora, has become a place for the production of new technologies and products that hit global markets.

The largest companies are concentrated mainly in the Dzierżoniów subzone within the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK". The subzone has been operating in our city since 1997 and is currently the largest employer in the region, employing almost 2,400 people.

Good location, sustainable and dynamic development of the city, sustained thanks to well-thought-out investments, constantly expanding Dzierżoniów Sub-zone, rich investor support system - these are the most important factors that make Dzierżoniów an attractive place to do business.

What do entrepreneurs say about us?

company logo Beewatec Ltd.

"Dzierżoniów is a perfect place to invest and run a business. The economic climate favorable to investors, the openness of the inhabitants to new jobs, and above all, the support in dealing with official matters surprises in a positive sense. The involvement of the city authorities in the development of infrastructure and support for new investments and existing companies make Dzierżoniów an attractive place. An additional advantage, which is confirmed by our guests, is the location and the beautiful view from the windows of our company on the Owl Mountains." - Tomasz Słobodziński, Director of the Beewatec Ltd. in the years 2013 - 2023.

company logo Venti

"Due to the intensive development of the company, we decided to invest in the purchase of real estate in Dzierżoniów. The help and commitment of the City Hall and employees, especially the City Development Department, turned out to be irreplaceable. The Investor Service Point established at the City Hall, where entrepreneurs receive support, is a solution that it significantly facilitates getting to know the offer offered by the commune. Thanks to this help, our company benefited from real estate tax exemption, as well as from co-financing for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, which will allow the company to develop and expand the range of products and services." - Jacek Turczyński, entrepreneur, owner of Venti J.Turczyński general partnership.

Logo PCE Ltd.

"The city authorities have shown great interest in the local economy, direct contact with representatives of enterprises, not only those located in the economic zone but also those outside the zone. The atmosphere in the city is conducive to the development of companies that strive to achieve their goals and it is both the success of enterprises and the success of the city and its management." - Justyna Pakuła, Organizational Director of PCE Polska Ltd.

company logo I.comp

"During the 18 years of our operations in Dzierżoniów, we have faced challenges related to warehouse needs many times. In 2006, by contacting the Office, we obtained valuable information about the property tax exemption. In 2018, when looking for a plot for the construction of a warehouse, we contacted the City Hall several times. Employees of the Office showed a lot of commitment and helped us find the right location, or presented available support programs." - Łukasz Juszczyk, entrepreneur, partner of Ł. Juszczyk and J. Padula general partnership.

The most important awards and distinctions which were granted to Dzierżoniów:

  • Professional Commune Friendly to Investors, 
  • Leader of Management in the Commune Self-government, 
  • EFQM / European Quality Award Google e-City for the most enterprising city online in the voivodeship, 
  • The Best Self-Government of the Ten Years, 
  • Award for the Regional Development Leader of the Lower Silesian Economic Region, 
  • Award for special successes in cooperation with business, 
  • Investor-Friendly Commune Certificate, 
  • Commune Investor Assistance Center - Certified Partner of DAWG Sp. z o.o. / Municipal Investor Assistance Center - Certified Partner of DAWG Sp. z o.o. (Lower Silesian Economic Cooperation Agency)
  • The Best Business Friendly Local Government - 1st place in the 8th edition of the "Business Stars 2022" economic plebiscite.

Deputy Mayor Dorota Pieszczuch with the Business Star 2022 statuette.
Deputy Mayor -  Dorota Pieszczuch with " the Business Star 2022" statuette.