#STAYATHOME COVID-19 How to create a Trusted Profile?

Trusted Profile is a free tool, thanks to which you can deal with official matters online on public administration websites, which allows you to stay at home due to COVID-19.
The recent necessity is creating a Trusted Profile at the point confirming the Trusted Profile, it works like a handwritten signature. Thanks to it, you can send documents and applications to various offices via the Internet.

Why is it worth creating a trusted profile?

•  Convenience - you decide when you fill out an application to a particular office
•  Save time - you do not waste time visiting the office, queueing or accessing the site
•  Access to various public administration institutions - you can deal with dozens of different matters in offices operating in your area and all over Poland

Having a Trusted Profile, you can, among others:

1. Submit an application for registration of business activity in CEIDG, make changes in the application, suspend, resume or liquidate business
2.  Log in to the Patient Online Account (IKP).
3. Sign JPK_VAT
4. Report the loss of the identity document.
5. Apply for a European Health Insurance Card.
6. Take care of official matters for your family: baby benefits, parental benefits, Large Family Card, Alimony Fund Benefit.
7. Obtain a copy of the marital status certificate.
8. Dozens of other things.

You can create a Trusted Profile in the following way:

1. Online application. Fill out the online application, go to the search engine for the confirmation points and confirm it in the nearest confirmation point (over 2,000 places in Poland and abroad). You have 14 days to do so. Take your ID card or passport with you. Go to the website www.pz.gov.pl

2. Internet banking. Create and confirm an online Trusted Profile of the bank The condition is to have an online account in one of the following banks:

•    ING Bank Śląski
•    Bank Pekao
•    mBank
•    Santander
•    PKO Bank Polski
•    Bank Millenium
•    Inteligo
•    Envelo (Grupa Poczty Polskiej)
•    Alior bank
•    T-mobile bank

Watch the instructional video „How to set up a Trusted Profile” at www.gov.pl

3. Video call with the Official (Temporary Profile). Apply for a Trusted Profile online and confirm it in an interview with an official. Go to www.gov.pl

4. E-ID. Create and confirm a Trusted Profile online using an ID card with an electronic layer and an NFC reader. Go to the website www.pz.gov.pl

Websites where you can handle matters online with the help of a Trusted Profile:
•    www.gov.pl
•    www.biznes.gov.pl
•    ePUAP.gov.pl
•    empatia.mpips.gov.pl
•    www.zus.pl
•    www.podatki.gov.pl

If you need any assistance, call us, we will help you step by step in creating a Trusted Profile. Contact by phone: 74 645 08 48