There are 5 nurseries, 11 kindergartens and 6 primary schools in Dzierżoniów. Moreover, Dzierżoniów is the seat of 5 secondary schools, which offer 30 fields of vocational and technical education and 9 fields of general education.

The list of all institutions in the region is available in the Register of Schools and Educational Institutions.

Over 27 universities in Wrocław educate thousands of graduates of various faculties in the fields of technology, IT, agriculture, environmental, medical and many others. Full list of Wrocław universities on the website of Wrocław City Hall.

Education directions of Dzierżoniów secondary schools

School Complex No. 1 Dzierżoniów


  • mechanic technician,
  • mechatronics,
  • IT specialist,
  • electrician,
  • automation.

Number of graduates 2021: 95

Complex of Schools No. 2 Dzierżoniów


  • car tinsmith varnisher
  • confectioner
  • motor vehicle electromechanic
  • electrician
  • Cook
  • car mechanic
  • fitter of networks, installations and sanitary devices
  • bricklayer plasterer
  • seller
  • photographer
  • carpenter
  • locksmith
  • hairdresser

Technical Secondary School

  • hospitality technician
  • food technology technician
  • nutrition technician and catering services and services
  • hairdressing technician
  • freight forwarder technician

High School for adults

  • general education profile

Number of graduates 2021: 132

School Complex No. 3 Dzierżoniów


  • technician economist,
  • trader,
  • landscape architecture,
  • logistics,
  • surveyor,
  • forwarder.

Number of graduates 2021: 108

Qualification courses: accounting

Secondary School of General Education No I in Dzierżoniów


  • humanities and and language
  • mathematical and business
  • biochemical,

Number of graduates 2021: 107

Secondary School of General Education No II in Dzierżoniów


  • humanities
  • mathematical and technical with the English language
  • mathematical and technical with IT
  • biochemical
  • language

Number of graduates 2021: 148