The city appeals to investors with its attractive geographic location (location in close proximity to national roads, the Czech and German borders and the Wrocław metropolis), as well as its large socio-economic potential. There are over 4,000 business entities registered in the city. Although most of them are businesses with domestic capital, foreign investors are also eager to locate their businesses in Dzierżoniów. Germans, Americans, Koreans, Danes, Swedes, Italians, Austrians and French have already invested in the city. Modern technologies have an increasing share in the economy of Dzierżoniów.

Dzierżoniów is located in the south-eastern part of the Lower Silesia Province and covers an area of ​​20.07 km2. The distance from the provincial city of Wrocław is 60 km - 1 hour.
From Dzierżoniów you will get to:

  •     Berlin in 4 hours (350 km)
  •     Prague in 3.5 h (235 km)
  •     Warsaw in 4.5 hours (410 km)
  •     Vienna in 5 hours (375 km)
  •     Airports in Wrocław in 1 ha (60 km)
  •     A4 motorway with exit in Kostomłoty in less than an hour (50 km)

Human potential

  •     PLN 5,128 - this is the average gross salary in the poviat (85.50% of the salary in Poland) according to as of December 31, 2021
  •     1 629 number of students of vocational and technical schools
  •     32 fields of vocational and technical education
  •    5 967 annual graduates of the Wrocław University of Technology
  •    13 faculties at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, including: the faculty of chemistry, mechanics, electronics, and electricity

The Dzierżoniów Subzone

The Dzierżoniów Subzone plays a key role in the development of the local economy. It operates within the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone and offers favorable conditions for locating investments.Currently, 20 companies operate in its area (based on zonal permits and decisions on support). These entities have invested a total of over PLN 525 million and employ 2,092 people. (as of December 31, 2022).

An investor starting or developing business in the city has the opportunity to take advantage of tax preferences: real estate tax exemptions and income tax exemptions within the Polish Investment Zone. The city supports the promotion of local entrepreneurs by organizing an economic fair - Dzierżoniowskie Presentations each year. The good condition of the economy in Dzierżoniów has a positive effect on the level of unemployment and the wealth of the society. Year by year, unemployment is decreasing and wages are steadily rising.

Dzierżoniów Industrial Park

The Dzierżoniów Industrial Park is located near the Dzierżoniów Special Economic Zone, at st. Strefowa and covers an area of ​​7.5 ha. In part of this area, Invest-Park Development - a company whose shareholder is the Dzierżoniów City Commune, built two production and warehouse halls with sanitary and office facilities based on the acquired European funds. The first, with an area of ​​2,890 m², was put into use in 2011, then in 2017 was expanded by another 950 m². Currently, two companies (Edytor Drukarnia-Wydawnictwo and Broen S.A.) operate in them. In the second hall, with an area of ​​4018 m², commissioned in 2014, is used by Franklin Products Ltd. and Broen S.A.

Another modular production hall with ready-made office facilities will be built by Invest-Park Development in Dzierżoniów in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is a response to the market need and a solution already proven in our city. The company's latest investment is  above 5,000  square meters of a production hall, divided into four independent modules, and 510 square meters of office space.

  • Modules A and D halls with an area of ​​1456 m2
  • Module B and C halls with an area of ​​1075 m2

If you are interested in renting, please contact us by phone: 535 050 858

Investment incentives used in the city

  •     Good cooperation with entrepreneurs implemented, among others, as part of the Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs,
  •     Existence of the Special Economic Zone WSEZ "INVEST - PARK" Subzierfa Dzierżoniów, offering favorable and attractive conditions for investors,
  •     Assistance in the administrative procedure thanks to the Commune Investor and Exporter Assistance Center (GCOIE) operating in the city,
  •     Advantageous geographic location due to the proximity of national roads, highways and the airport
  •     Constant improvement of transport accessibility, implemented through investments such as the construction of the southern bypass of the city or the reconstruction of the provincial road No. 384 Dzierżoniów - Łagiewniki,
  •     Well-developed technical infrastructure,
  •     Tax preferences for entrepreneurs in the form of real estate tax exemption for a maximum period of 5 years,
  •     Promotion of entrepreneurship.

Our greatest strengths

  •     Special Economic Zone "Invest - Park"
  •     developed vocational and technical education
  •     proximity to academic centers
  •     a large number of industrial plants
  •     skilled workers
  •     very good technical infrastructure
  •     many leisure activities

What do entrepreneurs say about us?

company logo Beewatec Ltd.

"Dzierżoniów is a perfect place to invest and run a business. The economic climate favorable to investors, the openness of the inhabitants to new jobs, and above all, the support in dealing with official matters surprises in a positive sense. The involvement of the city authorities in the development of infrastructure and support for new investments and existing companies make Dzierżoniów an attractive place. An additional advantage, which is confirmed by our guests, is the location and the beautiful view from the windows of our company on the Owl Mountains." - Tomasz Słobodziński, Director of the Beewatec Ltd.

company logo Venti

"Due to the intensive development of the company, we decided to invest in the purchase of real estate in Dzierżoniów. The help and commitment of the City Hall and employees, especially the City Development Department, turned out to be irreplaceable. The Investor Service Point established at the City Hall, where entrepreneurs receive support, is a solution that it significantly facilitates getting to know the offer offered by the commune. Thanks to this help, our company benefited from real estate tax exemption, as well as from co-financing for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, which will allow the company to develop and expand the range of products and services." - Jacek Turczyński, entrepreneur, owner of Venti J.Turczyński general partnership.

Logo PCE Ltd.

"The city authorities have shown great interest in the local economy, direct contact with representatives of enterprises, not only those located in the economic zone but also those outside the zone. The atmosphere in the city is conducive to the development of companies that strive to achieve their goals and it is both the success of enterprises and the success of the city and its management." - Justyna Pakuła, Organizational Director of PCE Polska Ltd.

company logo I.comp

"During the 18 years of our operations in Dzierżoniów, we have faced challenges related to warehouse needs many times. In 2006, by contacting the Office, we obtained valuable information about the property tax exemption. In 2018, when looking for a plot for the construction of a warehouse, we contacted the City Hall several times. Employees of the Office showed a lot of commitment and helped us find the right location, or presented available support programs." - Łukasz Juszczyk, entrepreneur, partner of iCOMP.pl Ł. Juszczyk and J. Padula general partnership.


The economy is divided into 3 main sectors - agriculture, industry and services. In Poland, as in most places in the world, agriculture developed first. From the 19th century on, industry began to develop on a large scale. After World War II, the communist authorities based our economy on heavy industry, based on the extraction of hard coal in Upper Silesia. Only after the breakthrough of 1989, when we switched to a free market economy, services could begin to develop with full force - trade, transport, telecommunications, banking, education, tourism, environmental protection and many others.
Currently, services dominate in Poland. The leader is Wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and the food industry. Industry is in second place, and public administration, national defense, education, health care and social activities are third. The following positions are occupied by: Professional, scientific and technical activities, Construction and Real Estate.
In Poland, there is a three-tier administrative division into 16 provinces, 379 counties and 2,478 communes.
State administration is divided into government administration and local government administration. Government administration is a group of administrative bodies headed by the Council of Ministers. Local government administration is the local and regional administration.

More information on the Polish economy and investment attractiveness can be found on the website of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency



Dzierżoniów is located in the Sudeckie Przedgórze, in the immediate vicinity of the Sowie Mountains, which favors mountain tourism (hiking and cycling) and winter sports - cross-country and downhill skiing.
The Sowie Mountains are also one of the most mysterious mountain ranges in Poland. One of the attractions of the Owl Mountains are mysterious buildings, corridors and tunnels, the so-called "Project Riese" left underground by the Nazis (Sztolnie Walimskie, Complex Osówka or Włodarz). Their purpose is not fully known to this day.
There is a large number of historic buildings in the city, which you can get to know while walking along the Dzierżoniów Dragon Trail. It is an urban tourist and walking route covering the most interesting monuments and tourist facilities of Dzierżoniów, including: the Town Hall and the observation tower, the Kellner House in the Market Square, the Sadebecki Chapel and the Cloth Hall, the Church of St. st. George, Hilbert's Mill, Executioner's House, Synagogue, Defensive Walls, Water Tower, "Zbyszek" Cinema, Dzierżoniów Town Museum.
The TRAKT DIORY tourist route has also been created in the city, which is also an educational path showing the heritage of Diora. The brass radios (1: 1 scale) located in the old town center of Dzierżoniów “tell” about the history of the radio industry and its influence on the city's development.

Every year the city organizes:
• Over 50 recreational and sports events (football, handball, tennis, BMX, cycling criterion, professional boxing gala, balloon festival, running, jujitsu, swimming competitions, festivals)
• 35 performances
• 30 concerts
• 11 cyclical events (including Poetry on the Walls, Honey Harvest, City Days, Santa Claus in the Market Square)
• 300 cinema screenings

Sports and recreational base:
Sports facilities:
• Multifunctional pitches: training in a natural surface, OSIR hall, football, 8 multifunctional pitches, volleyball
• Sports halls: taekwondo, karate kyokushin, wrestling, Brazilian JU JITSU, MMA, Sumo, Boxing Gym
• Pools: indoor and outdoor
• Tennis courts: 7 outdoor courts, 2 professional courts, table tennis exercise room
•    Gyms
•    Climbing wall,
• BMX track
Recreation places:
• Avenue of Fairy Tale Stars (playgrounds, water playground, traffic town, trampolines, zip lines)
•    Playgrounds
• Outdoor gyms
•    Cycle paths

Cultural facilities:
• Cinema
• The City Museum of Dzierżoniów
•    Libraries

Accommodation base:
There are 4 hotels in the commune, which together offer 146 beds.
• VERSANT DOM SPA - hotel **** (20 beds)
• DELTA IN - hotel *** (53 beds)
• VILLA BERGERA - hotel ** (13 beds)
• OSiR - hotel * (60 beds)

In addition, we encourage you to visit the surroundings of Dzierżoniów as part of one-day walking tours:
1. Pieszyce:
• The Black Knight Route,
• The Route of the Two Towers,
• The Big Owl Route,
• The Route Over Kłomnica.
2. Piława Górna:
• Monuments and tourist attractions,
• Monuments of industrial architecture,
• Live and inanimate nature trail.
3. Dzierżoniów:
• Trakt Diora,
• The Dragon's Road.
4. Bielawa:
• Trail of the rebellion of Sowie Mts. Weavers,
• Taverns at the foot of the Owl Mountains,
• Bielawa - Venice of the North.
5. Niemcza:
• City route - around the castle (on foot),
• Educational route around the city (by car).
6. Łagiewniki Commune:
• Przystronie - Łagiewniki Sokolniki - Jańska Góra (part of the Ślężański Landscape Park),
• Słupice - Góra Radunia (Ślężański Landscape Park),
• Dwór Szachulcowy - the Trzcinowy Pond.
7. Dzierżoniów Commune:
• Nature and Educational Trail Kiełczyńskie Hills,
• The Nature and Historical Trail in Piława Dolna.




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