Buy Locally in Dzierżoniów - a promotional campaign for entrepreneurs

"Buy Locally in Dzierżoniów" is a promotional campaign for entrepreneurs aimed at supporting local businesses suffering from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign was initiated by the Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs operating at the Mayor of Dzierżoniów.

The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the smallest entrepreneurs in the first place, including those who run their business in Dzierżoniów, sometimes for several decades. Currently, due to numerous restrictions and limitations, they are threatened with job cuts and even closure of companies. Now is the time for solidarity and cooperation. After all, it is local entrepreneurs who create jobs for the residents of Dzierżoniów and pay taxes in our city, which are a key source of financing for public tasks, such as investments, education and social support. Their success determines the city's potential and the prosperity of its inhabitants. By buying locally, we can also count on better quality of products than those offered in chain stores. In addition, we save time and fuel, and at the same time support people we know who have been operating here for many years.

How can we help local entrepreneurs?

Through everyday consumer choices, we can very easily support local entrepreneurs and service providers. If you have your favorite store, service point or local restaurant that you like to visit - support them especially now by submitting an application for the "Buy Locally in Dzierżonowie" campaign. Supporting online activities is also helpful - sharing a local entrepreneur on Facebook, or recommending his activities. It is so little, and it can contribute to the sale of his services or products. If we do not act now, then in six months, when the situation starts to return to normal, favorite places may disappear from the map of Dzierżoniów.

Logo kampanii "Kupuj Lokalnie w Dzierżoniowie"

To support a selected entrepreneur, it is enough to:

  • take a photo at the local entrepreneur we want to recommend (max. 5 photos, preferably horizontally),
  • prepare short information about the recommended entrepreneur: company name, name and surname of the owner, company address, telephone number, assortment, website address, link to Facebook,
  • send photos with a description to the following address: drpatum [dot] dzierzoniow [dot] pl

Photos and information will be published on the official website of the city, and in social media administered by the city of Dzierżoniów.

Acceptance of the rules of organization and participation in the Campaign "Buy Locally in Dzierżoniów"

The campaign participant, by sending photos with information about the recommended entrepreneur to the address drpatum [dot] dzierzoniow [dot] pl, at the same time accepts the Rules for the organization and participation in the Promotional Campaign "Buy Locally in Dzierżoniów", in particular the rules for using the photos and information about the entrepreneur, and confirms becoming familiar with the information clause. The documents can be downloaded below.

Campaign organizers:

  • Campaign initiator: Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs, operating at the Mayor of Dzierżoniów.
  • Campaign organizer: Dzierżoniów Municipal Commune in cooperation with the Dzierżoniów Council of Entrepreneurs, operating at the Mayor of Dzierżoniów.

The campaign will last until the end of the year.

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